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Debugging on device. Freaking finally.
Debugging on device. Freaking finally.

UPDATE: There’s a new method for iOS4 but they’re pretty similar anyway.

So it’s been a while, but now that I’m on break again and have some time, I’m doing a bit of iPhone development again. That means I’m going to need to debug on-device (or at least load my app to it to have fun in the real world with my handiwork). This time, the procedure’s a little different though.

Vital stats:
iPhone OS 3.1.2
Xcode version 3.2.1, 64 bit
Mac OSX 10.6.2 Snow Leopard

Let’s do it.

UPDATE: Corrected a problem with the run script build phase: corrected the directory names for the new version and copied the new phase that doesn’t include “resource_rules.plist.”

UPDATE 2: Somehow I forgot the add an identity step. It’s now #1 below. Sorry guys. Also, while this whole thing should apply to iPhoneOS 4, I’m going to officially text it/repost with 4.01 soon.

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Heavily redacted, mostly just because I like the Gaussian Blur filter.
Heavily redacted, mostly just because I like the Gaussian Blur filter.

No, I don’t actually plan to write a Gmail/Google Voice productivity tip every day. However, today I just happen to have one. Parts of this actually came from a good friend, @jamesconnors (his site).  He told me his system for inbox management: he has his inbox, a “follow up” folder, an I believe another folder for stuff he just wants to keep around. Anything in his inbox that he can’t quickly respond to in a minute or two when he sees it, he puts in his follow up folder. Every so often, maybe once every day or two, he goes through his follow up folder and takes care of everything he can. 

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