If You Are Gluten Free, Avoid Snickers

Snickers don’t contain any gluten in the ingredients, which is typically all I care about. I don’t have celiac disease, just a gluten sensitivity, so I typically don’t worry TOO much about cross contamination. I just had a Snickers, though, and my stomach hates me now which is fair warning that if you have even the mildest sensitivity, you should probably avoid them unless you don’t mind getting sick.


  1. Asa
    October 29, 2012

    Btw, another comment for Agnes. I thought I was allergic to gluten, but what I have apparently only classifies as a sensitivity. I recently saw an allergy specialist and they tested me for all sorts of things (and they found nothing, as they were only looking for allergic reacations that are immediate, i.e. take less than 15 minutes to develop). As the symptoms for sensitivity are milder, they didn’t think my problems were severe enough to justify further investigation which would involve blood analysis and cost a fortune. I guess trial and error is the only way to see if gluten (and other products) is in deed the problem, but it shouldn’t be so hard. After two weeks of not eating bread I took a piece of multigrain bread and got nausea and headache within an hour, so the symptoms were really clear. When I explained my symptoms to the doctor, he said that avoiding wheat is always good, regardless of whether you’re sensitive to gluten or not.

  2. Krystal
    August 21, 2013

    I ran through the same tests and came back negative on everything. I got migraines at least once a month and I was tired all the time. It was not until I developed this awful rash that they suggested I was gluten intolerant. Not only that, I cannot have anything artificial including food coloring like red dye, caramel flavoring, etc. Basically, the doctor said if I could not make it with my hands, don’t eat.
    I have been gluten free for over two years now and have lost 25 pounds, rarely get migraines and no longer have high blood pressure. It is the best I have ever felt. Now, I’m pregnant and I am CRAVING snickers and Dr. Peppers. And I was trolling the internet to give an excuse to get one and then I found this. Very insightful.

  3. Clo
    September 12, 2013

    I found out from enterolab.com. They do all kinds of allergen testing from stool samples which are more accurate then blood work- everything I did never showed anything- this did. My numbers were 44 and Shoukd be <10.

  4. marni levy
    September 30, 2013

    I eat snickers mini and big frequently and I don’t believe I have ever gotten sick from that. Mostly everything else does get me sick but not that. I do have celiac disease.

  5. Anabel
    May 19, 2017

    Last Fall I bought Snicker bars that were labelled gluten-free. Suddenly the taste of the snicker bar changed it was super sweat- almost uneatable sweat. I saw that at that point the main component was glucose syrup, prior to this it was sugar. I got a gluten-intolerant response. I continued looking at snicker bars and noticed that recently they switch the recipe and sugar is back the main component. Unfortunately in the caramel they still have the glucose syrup. Glucose syrup is made from corn, wheat or a mixture of both.
    I wish they would bring back the only sugar containing snicker bars that were gluten-free.

  6. Jan Fry
    August 18, 2018

    I was just at a Broadway Cast production of Les Mis and my husband brought me a Snickers bar from the snack bar. It almost sent me running for the bathroom! I made it through the play but in a lot of discomfort. What a shame!

  7. Chris Olson
    November 22, 2018

    I am Celiac and Snickers is a go to bar for me never have issues with it but I do avoid the halloween size as they can be made in alternate facilities that can cause cross-contamination.

  8. Mrs Diane L French
    February 25, 2019

    I ate a Snickers today – I’ve only had a couple recently because my daughter and granddaughter (also GF) said that they were fine. So I’ve had 2 over the last couple of weeks and loved them and no problems at all – great!!! However, my husband came home today with a mulit pack – I’ve eaten one and hey presto immediate reaction – terrible stomach, bloating and ‘the headache’ – so to me it suggests that multi packs are made in a different part of the factory where they get contaminated? In a couple of weeks I’ll try a ‘normal’ Snickers again just to confirm in my own mind that that’s the case. As we know, there’s nothing in the ingredients – so it must be contamination, and I’m hyper sensitive whereas my daughter and granddaughter are not.

  9. Whittemore Sherrill
    May 5, 2019

    I’m currently traveling Australia and was curious why the ingredients in their snickers are different from ours in the US. Your website caught my eye because my name is Whittemore and I have literally never seen it anywhere other than in relation to my family. So I had to reach out! Is that your last name?

  10. Melissa
    November 11, 2020

    Here from 2020 to say that Snickers are the only gluten-free candy that give me the same exact symptoms as anything made with gluten! I’m non-Celiac gluten sensitive due to chronic illnesses, and I get the stomach aches/bloating, the nausea, and the days long depression. Idk what it is or why, but I avoid them after many failed attempts at reintro.

  11. Denise Torba
    March 17, 2021

    I have a gluten intolerance, today I had a Snickers and a Coke (it was a rough day at work). I have been getting my skin rashes. Glad I saw this post, everything else I had today was gluten free, so if was making me crazy as to what possibly could have been causing my hives. Sometimes I can cheat and do ok. This was a pretty big reaction, I haven’t experienced this in a great while.

  12. Kathleen Flanagan
    April 17, 2021

    I ate a Marathon/ Snickers bar last night after being told on a coeliac FB group that they were GF. I have had an upset stomach today so I don’t think they are safe. I never knowingly eat gluten. I am a very careful coeliac. I will not be eating them again.

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