Cheap, Hassle-Free Paper Towels

Usually, when our house runs out of paper towels roughly once a month or two, I head to Costco to get the best deal. But is it? And is it REALLY worth waiting in that hellish line? I did some quick math on Amazon so you don’t have to. All of these are select-a-size, because I hate tearing off 8 square feet of towel to wipe some barbecue sauce off my finger. These are all Prime, no Prime Pantry, because I’m not organized enough for that.

Contender Price $/SqFt Link
Price to beat: Costco  $22 $0.0214 Costco
Bounty "Huge roll" – 12ct  $28.97 $0.034 Amazon
Viva 24 rolls  $25.82 $0.0248 Amazon
Scott Mega-roll x30  $29.58 $0.021 Amazon
Scott Mega-roll x24 $23.99 $0.0214 (same as costco) Amazon

So the winner on price alone here is Scott, but with the caveat that you need somewhere to put 30 freaking rolls if that’s what you order.

The real takeaway here is that you don’t NEED to go to Costco for the best price. But if you get the Bounty 12ct package, you’ll be paying a 62% premium, so don’t do that. If you don’t want to warehouse paper towels 30 rolls at a time, get the Viva pack and you’ll only be paying 20% more than you have to – almost certainly worth the saved pain and suffering.

Except apparently there’s no Scott dash button, so that kinda sucks.

UPDATE: I missed that there are less ridiculous options for the Scott that are comparably cheap. Added to the table.

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