iTunes Carrier Update Error – Fix

I’ve been having this really annoying error lately ever since that carrier update that Apple released to add support for AT&T’s new microcells. The exact message is this:

iTunes could not update the carrier settings on your iPhone. An unknown error ocurred (0xE800003D).
iTunes could not update the carrier settings on your iPhone. An unknown error ocurred (0xE800003D).
This little guy

Having finally decided today to google around and figure out what the devil was wrong, I stumbled across this (coral) forum thread on macrumors and found that the problem is caused by the AT&T Carrier Logo package. The problem is that the carrier update doesn’t recognize the altered carrier settings. The solution is to uninstall that package via Cydia, sync with itunes and apply the carrier update, then reinstall the package. Boom, done.



13 thoughts on “iTunes Carrier Update Error – Fix

  1. i had fake carrier installed so i deleted it now i have a blank spot where the “at&t” used to be….how do i get it back

  2. Many Many Thanks. Been messing with this sine yesterday afternoon. I removed the custom att logo and the update went perfectly.

  3. This saved my neck. Thanks. I was going nuts trying to figure this out, and it just so happened I had installed the custom logo in Cydia.

    I appreciate the post!


  4. Well im also having the same issue. I have a 3.0.1 JB phone and had all sorts of issues. I re-JB the phone and set it up new. I have NO apps from Cydia or Icy on the device. I have tried the 5.0, 5.1, 5.5 and the new “stealth 6.0” Im freakin going insane!!! Does the phone need to be connected to wifi? thats the only thing i havent tried. Any help would be appreciated!!!


  5. Its incredible now there is a exiting way to fix your Red Ring Of Death I just found out today. Check my link posted. If it does not work try rrod-fix-pro dot com.

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