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September 30, 2012 / / Electronics
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I think the purple soldermask and ENIG finish have gotten to me…

September 18, 2012 / / Electronics
September 18, 2012 / / Electronics

Level shifters are a fact of life for hobbyists working with different logic voltages in the same system. Many systems run on 3.3V, while many others run on 5V, so interfacing 3.3V logic with 5V logic is a very common problem. Lots of solutions exist.

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NI 9237 Bridge Module
NI 9237 Bridge Module

If you’re designing a data acquisition system with Wheatstone bridge-based sensors to be measured, the easiest (if not cheapest) solution comes from National Instruments in the form of the NI 9237 CompactDAQ module. Boston University’s Rocket Team ( will be using this guy in upcoming tests this academic year to make sure our static motor data is as precise and repeatable as possible.

July 9, 2012 / / Electronics

I just recently got a good deal on a second-hand Hantek DSO1060 – not the greatest scope in the world at 60MHz bandwidth/2ch/150MS/s (note: sub-nyquist for two channel). However, for what I paid, it was a darn good deal, especially since I don’t have a true DSO with your standard math functions (my main scope is the Tek 2221a, which has both analog and digital modes, where digital has none of the niceties like FFT/multiply/divide).

Coincidentally, I also just found myself building from spare parts, then trying to troubleshoot, a computer that happened to sporadically restart itself with no obvious cause. After loading the bios, then noticing odd case fan behavior where it would spool up and down over and over, then noticing the BIOS reporting highly unstable voltages, I started suspecting the power supply. And out came the DSO1060!

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November 29, 2011 / / Electronics
Eagle parts!

I finally got around to putting my personal Eagle parts library on Github. There’s not much else to it, find it here here. The most noteworthy thing in there is the SOT223-5 footprint, which I couldn’t find anywhere online or in the default libraries. Enjoy! Complete listing below.