CaliperSquid Part 1: Reading SPC

Finally continuing on a journey I started years ago to read a bunch of measurement devices I’ve got, today I built an interface device for iGaging and Mitutoyo SPC devices including calipers, indicators, and a handful of others.

Overview of calipers, prototype board, and cables
Not very pretty, but pretty useful.

I built the interface around a Trinket M0, and used an off-the-shelf SPC cable since it has a nice built-in button.

All of the code and hardware configuration can be found at this Github repository.

The next step for this project is to spin a custom board and housing, with interfaces for SPC (this one), AccuRemote (USB Micro-B connector with not-usb signaling), and the standard “CheapCal” interface all the dollar-store calipers seem to have.

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