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I’ve been thinking for a while about how I want to go about mounting my iPhone in my car. For a while I had one of those suction cup mounts that gently clamps onto whatever phone or case you have, but it was pretty cruddy and snapped the other day. It got quite in the way as well. Looking around today, I came across Kuda¬†which sells a bunch of custom-fit solutions that look very good though are quite expensive. I thought to myself that something similar wouldn’t be too hard to fabricate myself for a few bucks at home depot.

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Being out in LA, I recently bought a car – I ended up with a used BMW. It’s pretty sweet, but I’m me so obviously I’ve moded just about everything I can without actually buying parts. Mostly that means software mods – windows up on key fob lock press, that sort of thing. But I’ve also been trying to mod bluetooth into it, and only recently had success. Tonight I got curious and took the module which controls bluetooth and USB aux-in apart (referred to as a MULF2 High Basis, it lives in the trunk and connects to a USB plug in the center console). Here’s what I found.

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I use a Weller WESD51 soldering station and I have a few tips. A LOT of tips. 10, and a few more on the way. Until now, I’ve always used the 3 little holes on the soldering iron holder, but they only fit 3 tips, so I needed something with more room. It had to be metal (so hot tips wouldn’t fry it), wide (so nearby objects wouldn’t brush hot tips) and it had to hold the tips a fair distance off the desk so they wouldn’t scorch that, either. Here’s what I came up with.

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I think the purple soldermask and ENIG finish have gotten to me…

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September 17, 2012 / / Electronics

Level shifters are a fact of life for hobbyists working with different logic voltages in the same system. Many systems run on 3.3V, while many others run on 5V, so interfacing 3.3V logic with 5V logic is a very common problem. Lots of solutions exist.

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