Who Do I Talk To About My Engineering Project? Try OddEngineer.com!

In my day job, I consult with companies who need to build (electronic) hardware but don’t quite know what they’re getting into or how to do it. Of course, my specialties are electronics, electronic systems integration, and mechanical design as it pertains to electronics. I don’t know the first thing about optics, fluids, aerodynamics, antenna design, or myriad other engineering topics – at least not enough to be very useful on a specialized project. So who do you talk to?

Now, there’s an answer: find the right person on https://www.oddengineer.com/. There you can find subject matter experts across a variety of engineering disciplines, and book a phone meeting to figure out your first steps with no fuss. Give it a try! And if it’s electronics you’re curious about, find me here: https://www.oddengineer.com/engineer/alex-whittemore/

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