Steelcase Leap V2 Armrest Cover

It was finally time for me to upgrade my Ikea office chair that creeks and clacks and scares the dogs. I found a great deal on a Steelcase Leap V2, but it was used and needed a few screws tightened and a few joints lubed. Also, it was missing a plastic cover piece on one of the 4-way armrests that hides the mechanism. It was an $1100 chair for $300, but I still couldn’t abide spending so much money on something I’ll use every day only for it to be missing pieces, so of course I drew up a perfect replacement in CAD using the identical other side for reference. Luckily, despite employing snap fit clips, I continued a trend of single-print successes, and it fight right on the chair identically to the OEM part with no iteration. If you want your own, you can download it on Thangs. Or get in touch and I’ll sell you one.

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