Setting Up Feit Dimmer Switches (Costco) with LocalTuya

These Feit Electric connected/WiFi dimmer switches are a great deal from Costco at about $15 each, and terribly tempting if you’re trying to smart home on a budget. They’re Tuya, so they work with Home Assistant and the Tuya apps (you don’t have to use the Feit app if you’ve already got other Tuya devices).

Being Tuya, if you want to use them with Home Assistant, you probably want to use them with Localtuya. Nothing is worse than a spotty internet provider causing your lights to stop working. Except, maybe, setting them up in the first place, which took me forever to figure out.

I’ll assume you’ve already installed LocalTuya with HACS, and that you’ve gone through setup to add your particular cloud project. I didn’t find that part difficult, but rather adding the devices themselves. This section of the “known working devices” wiki page has some good hints:

In HASS, in Settings>Devices, click on the LocalTuya integration. You should have a “localtuya” integration entry set up already by now.

  1. Click “Configure”
  2. Select “Add new device” > Submit
  3. Select the switch you want to set up from the list and click Submit
  4. On the device setup page, my settings were already pre-populated since I signed in with the cloud earlier, so I just clicked “Submit” again. Protocol was automatically set to version 3,3 which I didn’t change.
  5. Important: Set “platform” to “light” and click “select”
  6. Under Configure Entity: This is where the hints above are useful.
    • Manually set “Friendly Name,” like “MyLight (Local)”
    • ID: Set to 1
    • Brightness: Set to 2 (Value:1000)
    • Leave everything else alone! Don’t select “1 (False)” for any of the other radios, as I thought initially.
    • Click “Submit”
  7. Select Platform: Light (again) and Submit
  8. Finish

Now you should finally have some “light” entities that JUST have an on/off button and a dimmer, and actually work!

I did have to restart home assistant quite a bit while fiddling, but I didn’t have to once I found the correct recipe of leaving the other radios unselected. YMMV.

Bonus: Curtains

I also have some Tuya powered electric curtains, brand: BALUS, from Amazon. The exact listing isn’t available anymore but they looked like this:

Original product image for my motorized curtains
They shipped straight from China!

These were a huge pain until I realized the way LocalTuya setup works: the dropdowns for the various control channels contain all the same list, of a channel ID and a current value, and you’re just trying to pair up the function with the right channel ID, using value as a hint. For instance, I have in my dropdown (2) and (3), both with Value: 100. One is the setpoint of the curtain position, and one is the actual position. Since you’ll usually see them as identical, you just have to guess and check which is which.

Anyway, these values worked for me:
ID: 1 (Value: Stop)
Open_Close_Stop Commands Set: open_close_stop
Positioning Mode: Position
Current Position: 3
Set Position: 2
Invert: Checked
Full Opening Time: 25

It seems that:

  • If you get “ID” right, your entity will show up as “available” otherwise “unavailable”
  • as long as you get “current position” and “set position” set right, the position slider will work, but not necessarily the buttons
  • As long as you set “open_close_stop” correctly, the buttons will work. If you pick one of the other options, the slider will work but the buttons won’t, or will behave oddly.

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