Printing with Prusament PC Blend Carbon Fiber

This stuff is awesome. It’s more brittle than regular PC, but it’s stiff as concrete, stronger than any other filament you’ve got in your bin, and prints just about as easily as PLA. I’m genuinely blown away. Here are my notes about printing it.


I mainly print this on my Prusa Mini, mostly because that’s my go-to for everything these days while my bigger Mk2.5 is loud and out of maintenance. This machine prints everything, and the bowden feed/275C hotend limit don’t seem to be an issue at all. This filament prints without warping at all even with the unenclosed mini in my garage at ~55-60F overnight.

Bed Prep

I really love Vision Miner’s Nanopolymer Adhesive as a go-to bed prep for any filament that needs either extra adhesion OR a release layer. But I don’t have any on-hand at the moment, so I’ve tried this a couple other ways:

Smooth PEI Sheet:

Prusa recommends a release layer with PEI, so I haven’t printed it on the raw sheet. I have a stick of Magigoo PA on hand so I printed with that: adhesion was extremely good during the print, but didn’t release very easily at the end. I had to scrape the print off with my half-sharp putty knife, and the thin sections warped as a result of the stress.

Textured Powder-Coated PEI

Right now, Textured PEI with Magigoo PA is my preference. With no bed prep, sharper/longer sections of my print did lift early (I wasn’t using a brim for dimensional reasons). With magigoo PA, the print stuck great but also released very easily with normal flexing.

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