Gizmodo is dumb – ATT Visual Voicemail Fix


If you have an iPhone and have not had visual voicemail for weeks, it’s actually your fault, even if you didn’t know it. When you downloaded that little file to enable tethering, the maker actually messed up. The file from gizmodo had the Visual Voicemail APN set to wap.cingular, which is incorrect. It should be acds.voicemail. The fix is easy: go to settings>general>network>cellular data network and edit the Visual Voicemail APN as above to read acds.voicemail. Restart your phone and everything will work again.

NOTE: The fix above only works if you’re jailbroken and you have the package “APN Editing” installed. I think you can also expose this menu with (but be careful, the normal profile they use for ATT US carrier, mms/tethering enabled has the wrong APN for vvm, reset it as above). I’m trying to modify the carrier profile from gizmodo to correct the issue in the first place.

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  1. Dizash
    July 20, 2009

    Thanks, Alex! It’s always very cool when someone takes the time to post an easy solution to a very inconvenient problem! Much appreciated.
    PS I haven’t wanted to JB my 3Gs and have been using the 3.1 beta 2, but the worked like a charm (when I manually edited the APN. Thnx again

  2. LuisTech
    February 2, 2010

    Hey Alex!
    One question and sorry for being a noob…
    I have ePlus in Germany, iphone 3G 3.1.2 unlocked with blacksnow. Can I also have visual voicemail? I had T-Mobile before I unlocked…
    If so same as above?

    Thanks in advance….LuisTech

  3. February 4, 2010

    Sorry I’m slow to comment. I believe the answer is no. Presumably by T-Mobile you mean, the official German iPhone carrier? Visual voicemail requires its own data APN with the carrier, and while I believe there’s nothing to stop other carriers from supporting it, they also don’t automatically.

    Specifically relating to ePlus, I don’t know. However, I’m moving to Germany in a few days, so I’ll see what I can find out. I plan to get a SIM, but I’ll let you know if I make any discoveries.

  4. LuisTech
    February 17, 2010

    oh ok, if you know anything then let me know.. hopefully when t-mobile´s exclusivity finishes the other ISP´s will have there data apn for the visual voicemail…ok, oh yeah base and ePlus have the best plans..especially if your looking for an internet flatrate…and free calls to the two…

    welcome to germany, its cold… LOL
    😉 LuisTech

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