DIY Replacement Headlamp Strap

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a dozen headlamps around the house you can’t use because the straps are all loose and don’t hold anymore, but you don’t want to throw away the whole light just for that. Unfortunately, replacement straps are like $10, which makes me think “well why am I not just buying a whole new (cheap) light?” and then I’ve got even more lights-without-straps.

On the other hand, a roll of elastic strap on Amazon is like $10 and is enough for at least 5 straps. But what about the plastic adjusters? Well, I’ve got a printer!

Completed DIY replacement headband strap

Ta-Da! I took inspiration for the adjustment strategy from a Black Diamond strap that stretched itself un-stretchy. The elastic glues into a slot on the end of each adjuster, and the adjusters are split so you can fully remove and flatten the band if needed. I just filled the cup with a bit of superglue, dampened the ends of the straps lightly to initiate it, and stuffed them in as best I could.

I used 28″ of strap, but that was definitely more than I needed. I’d go 24″ next time.

Strap stretched out on the table, 28 inches total.

You can download the model here on Thangs.

Screenshot of the model in CAD

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