Deadbolt Strike Ramp

The double doors on the front of my current apartment have a deadbolt, but the bolt itself lands in an aluminum channel with multiple different surfaces and lips in the channel. We’ve had multiple smart locks over the years and all of them have struggled to smoothly actuate due to the variable force required at different points in the stroke.

I set out this morning to finally solve this problem by designing a ramp to provide one smooth bearing surface, so the bolt only has to overcome the force of initial entry and then smoothly slides the rest of the way.

After a few revisions, I’m proud of this no-glue, 7min printed version. After you crease the front lip to form a 45* ramp in case the door isn’t fully closed, it just press-fits into an existing internal channel so no glue is required and installation is fully and cleanly reversible.

Deadbolt strike adapter, pressed firmly into place and bent on the outside to form a ramp for the bolt to slide on
A close-fit is achieved, then 5 ribs embossed 0.3mm achieve the press-fit. Printed flat on the build plate to achieve the minimum of additional clearance added (0.2mm, 2 layers)

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