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This is where I’ll post about my Objective-C/Mac endeavors.

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September 16, 2012 / / Coding

The Mono framework is a great tool for developing cross-platform applications. Using Mono, a developer can target Windows, Linux and OSX all at once using the same C# language and .NET-compatible framework. But arguably the biggest problem with cross-platform toolkits and frameworks is the GUI – people like seeing windows apps that use the familiar Windows Forms GUI toolkit, and people like seeing Mac apps that use Cocoa. With MonoMac, you don’t necessarily have to choose. As a developer, you can build your Mac gui using Cocoa and your Windows GUI using Windows Forms, and reuse all the rest of your application code for both platforms. But integrating Cocoa with C# and .NET isn’t the most straightforward thing. Here are the basics.¬†