Developing for a Jailbroken iPhone A to Z (iOS 4.0.1)

Vital Stats: iOS 4.0.1 Xcode 3.2.3 Mac OSX 10.6.4 Snow Leopard iPhones 3G, 3GS, 4 (I finally have the whole lineup!) PROBLEM: I still can’t get iPhone 4 working. If you have one, please try it and help me out! UPDATE: Found the cause of the problem to be certain status bar libraries installed alongside […]

Developing for a Jailbroken iPhone A to Z (iPhone 3.1.2)

UPDATE: There’s a new method for iOS4 but they’re pretty similar anyway. So it’s been a while, but now that I’m on break again and have some time, I’m doing a bit of iPhone development again. That means I’m going to need to debug on-device (or at least load my app to it to have […]

Using the Open Tool Chain in Xcode (for both OS 2.2 and 3.0)

The iPhone OS SDK from Apple is wonderful, and being able to develop and debug on-device even without paying the entry tax is even more wonderful. To really take Jailbreak development to the next level, though – to develop Apps that don’t play nicely in Apple’s SDK playground – you are going to need the […]

Developing for a jailbroken iPhone, A to Z (iPhone 3.0)

UPDATE: NEWGUIDE NEWGUIDE NEWGUIDE! Vital iPhone stats for this post: iPhone version: 3G (should work with 2G and 3GS) iPhone OS version: 3.0 (rock the hizzouse!) Jailbreak status: Jailbroken using Pwnage Tool. The Goal: Get live on-device XCode debugging without being a paying ADC member. This time OS 3.0 style.

iTunes Carrier Update Error – Fix

I’ve been having this really annoying error lately ever since that carrier update that Apple released to add support for AT&T’s new microcells. The exact message is this:

The Dread Pirate Errorbinson!

Ok, lame title, I admit it. That doesn’t change the annoyingness of the error though. Here’s the story: I sit down last night to watch the Oscars and get my feet wet developing for the first time in maybe a month or two. I go to debug an app on the device, you know, to […]

How to Find a Bundle Identifier

6 days ago: “So Ustream just released their viewer application in time to live stream the innauguration tomorrow at 10AM. The problem is that it only works on a WIFI connection, I’ll assume for now because of ATT no-streaming-video-over-3g restrictions. If that’s possible, never fear, VoIPover3G to the rescue! The only hurdle is figuring out […]

New iPhone Keyboard Interface Library: iKeyEx (And A New Copy/Paste to Boot!)

I know I promised a technical article on how to find arbitrary bundle identifiers, but the news moves fast, and I’m already behind the times on this one. There’s a new Copy/Paste mechanism out for the iPhone, hClipboard, but there’s way more to it than that, and a LOT of new possibilities come with it. […]

Holy Crap, iPhone Gets Real Copy and Paste (For Real This Time)

I was half asleep, but I had to wake up for this one. At long last, a REAL implementation of copy/paste on the iPhone. It works in every text field. It’s stupid that I’m actually saying this, you’d think copy and paste was a brand new invention, but I’m actually dumbfounded, wallowing in my own […]

iPhone 3G Software Unlock “Yellowsn0w” Released

Here’s the gyst: The unlock now ONLY works on baseband 02.28.00. That is, the baseband that comes with the standard iPhone OS 2.2 update. The unlock is a daemon. That means it runs in the background and, every time your phone restarts, it re-injects the unlock code. It’s not persistent – as soon as your […]