Approximate Sine Waves (how approximate is that?!)

I just installed a UPS the other day (an older Back-UPS XS1300, pictured) and noticed on the back it’s an “approximate sine wave” output. After reading the bottom closer, it’s specified that the device, under 25% load, has a THD of 55% and a maximum harmonic amplitude of 43% of the fundamental’s amplitude. Sounds pretty […]

How to organize your SMD parts, cheap (also, heat-sealing with a soldering iron)

I’ve amassed a lot of loose surface mount parts and it finally came time to do something about organizing them – digging through piles of little plastic bags in a box gets real old real fast. I considered buying something like Adafruit’s SMD parts kit and just stuffing my extra parts in the corresponding slots, but […]

iPhone JailbreakMe 2.0 Testing

You probably don’t even care about any of this. If that’s true, ignore it. Testing results for 3G/4.0 – Untested, jailbroken with Pwnage Tool 3G/4.0.1 (UPDATED from above) – Failure, Safari crash to SpringBoard. Reboot spawns reboot loop. Entered DFU mode to restore to fresh stock 4.0.1. 3G/4.0.1 (stock restored) – Great success! High […]

The Question Post!

There have been a couple other posts involving literally hundreds of comments, so here’s a new one. The theme is simple. If you have off topic questions, ask them here!

Tip For Quick Switching Simulator To Device

Here’s a quick tip I picked up via the Stanford CS193P iPhone Programming (coral) course. Normally, to switch between device and simulator debugging requires going to the Project > Set Active SDK menu. Since I switch between said active SDKs almost every other build at points, the whole menu thing gets annoying. Luckily, it’s easy […]

If You’ve Been Living Under A Rock, Check Out This iPhone Course From Stanford

If you haven’t heard about Stanford’s iPhone development course (coral), then I’m not sure where you’ve been. It’s certainly had enough publicity that it needs no more introduction from me, but I figure that I might as well lavish it with my praises too.